About Forever Living Products (FLP)

The company Forever Living Products was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan. Even back then he was a successful businessman but still he was always looking for new ways to expand and evolve. His attention was caught by multilevel marketing as an industry that offers the opportunity of financial freedom. Then he discovered the useful and healthy qualities of aloe vera and realized its potential as the product that can improve people’s lives all over the world.

At the beginning the idea of Forever Living was to offer consumable health and beauty products but do it personal way and avoid the traditional advertising. The plan in FLP was to compensate everyone that shares the products with their friends and family. And the goals were clear – to have a healthier and wealthier life.

This simple business plan and the nature of the Forever Living products proved that every distributor can have a better life – be healthy and financially free. Some people started as customers in their search of better products and later on happy with the resultsĀ  recommended them to others. Other people saw this as a one of a kind opportunity to start a home-based business and be healthy and successful at the same time.

Now 30 years later Forever Living Products has become a multi-billion dollar company with over 9.5 million distributors in over 140 countries.

You can be the next successful example – become a Forever Living distributor today!

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