Why aloe vera products from Forever Living?

Everyone who wants to be healthy knows that the closer we stay to nature, the better we feel. That is why Forever Living’s mission is to give you the purest health and beauty nature products.

Why we chose aloe vera?

The amazing qualities of this plant have been known and used for centuries. The most common usage is to soothe burns and skin irritations. But there is so much more to aloe than that. Forever Living’s scientists carefully studied this extraordinary plant to give you the innovative products that can be found only here at Forever Living Products.

We offer you a complete product line containing the purest aloe vera gel. Add it to a variety of nutrition drinks, vitamins and minerals, bee products, efficient weight management programs and beauty products and you have everything you need to feel and look good and healthy, all at one place – Forever Living Products!

About Forever Living Products (FLP)

The company Forever Living Products was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan. Even back then he was a successful businessman but still he was always looking for new ways to expand and evolve. His attention was caught by multilevel marketing as an industry that offers the opportunity of financial freedom. Then he discovered the useful and healthy qualities of aloe vera and realized its potential as the product that can improve people’s lives all over the world.

At the beginning the idea of Forever Living was to offer consumable health and beauty products but do it personal way and avoid the traditional advertising. The plan in FLP was to compensate everyone that shares the products with their friends and family. And the goals were clear – to have a healthier and wealthier life.

This simple business plan and the nature of the Forever Living products proved that every distributor can have a better life – be healthy and financially free. Some people started as customers in their search of better products and later on happy with the resultsĀ  recommended them to others. Other people saw this as a one of a kind opportunity to start a home-based business and be healthy and successful at the same time.

Now 30 years later Forever Living Products has become a multi-billion dollar company with over 9.5 million distributors in over 140 countries.

You can be the next successful example – become a Forever Living distributor today!

Why are meds cheaper in Canada?

The infographic below shows the shocking differences between the prices of meds in the US and in Canada. Some medications are up to 10 times more expensive in USA. How is this even possible?

It’s a fact, that the pharmacy companies are not only one of the most profitable amogn other companies, but are also one of the most greedy, often neglecting what should be their main purpose – to cure and not to rob human beings. This is most clearly shown in the US.

Via: Canada Drug Center

Obesity Worldwide

Getting fat is one really big problem all over the world. We owe this mainly to our bad ways of life, unhealthy food and lack of exersize. Of course genetic predesposition for Obesity exists and some cases are harder than other. But there is no fat person, that cannot overcome the problem if he puts his will to do it together.

Via: Actos Injury Lawyers

Health and STD testing is important

Sexualy transmitted diseases are a very serious problem in the modern world.

Everyone should be aware of the basic risks and always:

  • Use protection;
  • Go though STD testing once a year and in emergency cases;

Via: Health Testing Centers

History of the Calculator

The calculator is something we humans could not live without in modern time. But we rarely think about all the changes this useful tool went through during the ages.

From the ancient Abacus to modern day scientific calculators on computers and even smartphones, enjoy the evolution of the calculator!

Via: Calculator.co.uk

Thermostable phytase enzyme

Are all phytases the same?

It is talking about the different phytases and their origin. First phytases market – Natutpphos, Ronozyme P, derived from different types of mushrooms (respectively Aspergillus niger var. Van tighen, formerly known as A. ficuum, and Peniophora lycii. Newest phytase VemoZyme NTP was obtained from Escherichia coli (bacteria) and shown its positive effect on productivity, bone mineralization and phosphorus utilization in birds. There are developed and other phytases originating from E.coli, but not yet received approval and are not available in the U.S..

In the gastrointestinal tract phytases is “soluble” only at low pH as solvent means that it is mixed with the aqueous phase of the intestinal contents. Precisely at this point can reach phytase and phytate phosphorus from secede. Approximately phytate pH 4 starts form insoluble precipitates cations (eg calcium, zinc, iron and copper). At pH 6 prevail insoluble phytate complexes. Upon birds ultimate solubility of phytate occurs in the glandular stomach and gizzard (stomach area). movements of gastric contents to the duodenum and later in the small intestine pH begins to rise. way in the small intestine excretion of phosphorus is the best in the duodenum. At the end of the small intestine is actually remaining phytate insoluble.

All phytases can seal off phosphorus from phytate molecule under suitable conditions. Commercial forms of phytases have been chosen to be active in practically levels of phytate during the selection process before marketing. However, you should know that in commercial forms of phytase their biochemical indicators are not necessarily identical. Overall, the effects of different phytases in poultry is influenced by biochemical factors such as pH profile, specific activity and resistance to the attacks of endogenous proteases.

Thermostability of the enzyme shows that it must be added by pulverizi-ing after pelleting or can be used as a direct additive to feed, but it does not affect the activity “in vivo”, when the enzyme is properly included in the feed (ie . was not inactivated by pelleting).